Agenda - Insurance Business Tech Fest


11:00 a.m.

Registration and Virtual Orientation

11:10 a.m.

Opening remarks

11:15 a.m.

Opening Panel: Accelerating your digital journey

With both businesses and customers becoming increasingly reliant on technology during the pandemic, the appetite for digital innovation has increased. Digital innovation occurs when it’s supported company-wide and not just spearheaded by the IT team. How do you develop the strategies, processes and business environment to embrace new technology and remain competitive in the digital era?

  • How do you align your digital strategy with your organizational goals?
  • Effective leadership to drive digital transformation within your organisation
  • What are the latest technologies and how do you select what is right for your business?
  • Creating business models that can embrace and support transformation


Jack Jennings

Executive Vice President, Willis Towers Watson


Justin Gress

Director of Strategic Operations, North America, AXA XL

Greg Murphy

Executive Vice President, North America, Instanda

Michael DeGusta

CEO, ClarionDoor

12:05 p.m.

Protecting Intangible Assets: Preparing for a New Reality

The fundamental shift towards a new world dominated by intangible assets like reputation, human capital, and intellectual property, started decades ago, long before the impacts of a global pandemic fundamentally changed what we previously referred to as “normal”. Step-by-step, the importance of intangible assets has grown – from around 17% of S&P asset value in 1975, to today where intangible assets represent over 80% of company’s asset value. We will discuss:


  • The impact of changes in the economic landscape and an increase in technology-driven service companies
  • Shifts in work environment impacting business data, intellectual property, and privacy breaches
  • How the pandemic has increased the risk of reputational mistakes adversely affecting relationships with employees, distribution partners, and other stakeholders
  • Discover the right tools needed to enhance your corporate value
  • Rethink optimal ways of using risk management practices to build internal resilience and become proficient in safeguarding existing and new intangible assets


Marc Lipman

President, Lloyd’s Canada Inc

12:35 p.m.

Tech Talk: Personalizing customer experience through digital innovation

As the insurance industry continues to adopt increasingly sophisticated digital technology, insurers are able to develop a more personalized, customer-centric approach to doing business. Learn how to utilize technology to reimagine customer experience.

12:55 p.m.

Intelligent Distribution for Modern Insurance

ClarionDoor is striving to fundamentally change the way insurance companies think about their technology. Join us at our lounge for a brief demo on our groundbreaking, cloud-native omnichannel digital distribution platform that is incredibly flexible, deeply intelligent, hyper efficient, always API-first, and truly real-time.
Patrick McCall

Chief Sales Officer, ClarionDoor

1:15 p.m.

Demo 2

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Demo 3

1:55 p.m.

Demo 4

2:15 p.m.

Rise of the machines: How are artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics process automation (RPA) changing the insurance value chain?

AI and RPA technologies are improving and personalising customer experiences and pathing the way for a dramatic shift in the insurance value proposition This session will discuss:

  • Practical examples of how to apply AI and RPA technology within insurance
  • Improving internal processes and creating operational efficiencies using AI and RPA technology
  • How are innovative insurers using AI and RPA to meet the expectations of digital customers?
  • How is AI transforming insurance industry?
  • Re-imaging the insurance value proposition in light of AI technology


Bethan Moorcraft

Deputy Editor, Insurance Business


Kelly MacDonald

Senior Vice President, Sales, Aon Risk Services

Janette McGrath

Head of Operations & Innovation, Liberty Mutual Canada

Michael Lin

Chief Information Officer, Travelers Canada

3:05 p.m.

Tech talk: Unlocking the value of big data and analytics


Adam McCarty

Vice President and General Manager, Channel & International Business Unit, Lytx

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Demo 5

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Demo 8

4:45 p.m.

Tech talk: Combating fraudulent claims

As insurers continue to digitize processes and move toward a technologically driven sector, there are growing opportunities for new types of fraud, as well as increasingly impactful tech solutions to help manage and prevent fraudulent claims. How can the industry fight fraud in the digital age?

5:20 p.m.

Closing panel: The Future of Claims: Tech vs Human

Digital transformation continues to dominate the conversation around the future of insurance and the role of claims professionals is evolving in line with this change. What role does the human have in an increasingly tech-enabled claims process? How do we upskill teams to prepare for the future of claims management?

  • Which emerging technologies will have the biggest impact on the claims process and what does that mean for claims roles?
  • What opportunities do technology present to refocus efforts on strategic improvements to customer service and service development?
  • Developing the skills and experience to prepare claims teams for digital transformation
  • Bridging the gap between automation and empathy: how do you strike the right balance between tech-driven, streamlined claims processing and the personal human touch.
Soloman Lam

Complex Claims Director, AIG Insurance Company of Canada

David Clark

Senior Claims Counsel, Specialty Insurance, Travelers Canada

David Chimel

National Director, Claims, HUB International

5:50 p.m.

Event concludes

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